Event Crew Management

Our customers are experts in putting together great productions. They transform the clients’ vision into reality using the latest in audio-video technology.

WS provides them with the staffing and equipment necessary to get those productions out of the warehouse to the center stage, then back on the truck to the next event.
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When you engage WS, we are here for you 24/7, seven days a week

  • We know that every production has last minute changes, cancellations or additions. We monitor our operations email around the clock, every day so your needs are addressed immediately

Personal Point of Contact

  • Once a crew coordinator has been assigned to a customer, the customer can reach out directly to that crew coordinator for questions / concerns regarding their staffing needs.

  • As soon as you contract with WS, we assign a crew coordinator to your production. You will work directly with that person for the planning, staffing and closing of your event. You can reach them directly for all of your questions

  • No call routing, no hold music, no nonsense . . . reach out to your crew coordinator by phone, text or email any time

On Site Operations

  • WS assigns a point of contact (steward) on site every day that a crew is needed
  • The WS safety program ensures that all crew members are trained to work safely, to minimize your liability
  • Communications with WS through both the crew coordinator and onsite steward ensure  that your needs are met before, during, and after the event.
  • Crew attendance is accurately tracked and monitored by the on site Steward for precise billing and legal compliance

Flexibile and Adaptable

  • Every production has last minute changes and our crews can adapt as needed
  • Crew can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance without incurring any billing
  • WS does not require exclusivity or any other type of contract

We’ve got you covered

  • WS maintains liability and workers compensation insurance in all 50 states
  • Certificates of insurance are available upon request
  • Certificates of insurance are available upon request

Safety Program

  • WS maintains a rigorous safety program, provides safety training for all crew members, and complies with appropriate certification requirements

Compliant with State and Federal Laws

  • The rules for worker engagement varies from state to state. WS complies with both federal and state requirements for all of its workers in every state

Custom Software Solution

  • Our customers have a direct portal to our crew software. You can access information about your show, including estimates, invoices, crews, and equipment .

  • The crew feedback feature lets you rate our crew members and mark their favorites in each market

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