Audio Visual Technician Services

Learn about the positions staffed by WS below...
Truck Loaders / Teamsters

Many of the injuries that occur on A/V job sites are during the loading and unloading of a truck. For this reason, WS has rigorous safety programs in place including onsite safety walkthroughs to check for potential hazzards.

Having these practices in reduces the chance of a workplace accident occurring and reduces liability.


The stagehands that WS provides are typically veterans of the industry who are looking to fill their calendar in with the extra work.

Greener hands will normally be paired with individuals with more experience so as to increase productivity.

WS can also provide stagehands with more knowledge in certain departments (ie. video, audio, or lighting hands)

AV Assists (AV Techs, A2s, V2s, L2s)

WS understands expectation customers have of department assist level positions.

These individuals will be working directly under department leads and need minimal to no supervision in carrying out their assignments.

Carpenters & Carpenter Hands

It's understandable that when a client asks for Carp hands or Trim Carpenters, they are expecting these individuals to have their own tools of the trade.

WS will always ensure the carpenters have both the knowledge and tools necessary to get the job done smoothly.

Breakout Technicians

From Breakout Hands to full fledged Breakout Managers, WS supplied breakout technicians have the both the technical know-how and the people skills required to address the issues that can arise during a breakout session.

The presenters have enough to stress out about speaking in front of packed rooms - they don't need a technical difficulties on top of it.


Blending, Curved, & 3D Projection require skilled technicians who can work precisely, often under tight time constraints. Even minor errors can stick out like a sore thumb and that's why WS will only provide the most experienced of Projectionists.

Department Leads

Usually, the success or failure of an event works from the top down. Department leads need both the technical expertise, sometimes across multiple departments and strong leadership capabilities - being able to direct others in a way that is effective and respectful.

The Leads provided by WS will always be thoroughly vetted and will have either already worked directly for WS will come highly recommended to WS from longstanding customers.

WS Places the highest priority on Lead Positions as it is understood the customer is placing a great deal of trust in having an outside labor company provide leads for it's events.

Graphics / Network Technicians

Being able to embed a video in a power point presentation is cool, but it wouldn't make you a Graphics Op. Many crewing companies fail to understand how to adequately vet their graphics technicians before sending them out on shows. They then discover that once the pressure is on; several high level executives standing over them that maybe they are in over their heads.

WS has a pool of some of the best graphics and networking operators across the United States. Most of the time, lodging and travel is not required because we will have a local option for you available.

Forklift Operators

WS forklift operators are always certified and WS even has it's own Fork Lift Trainers and certification program. Inquire for more details!

Camera Operators

You can have a million dollar lens but without the right talent behind it, it sure won't feel like a million dollar production.

WS crew coordinators have run the gauntlet providing camera operators over the years. They understand how to vet Ops before sending them out on shows. They know how to distinguish the stagehand with a camera from the real operators in the industry.

Teleprompter Operators

WS has provided teleprompter operators for many customers over the years. Their expertise
in the hardware and software is top notch and their skill of using it is second to none.

Unfortunately there isn't much one can do with certain presenters, regardless of the preparation...

Brand Ambassadors, Mic Runners & More!

It never hurts to ask and we often find our team is able to surprise the customer and even ourselves in our ability to procur talent in even the most niche markets.

Sometimes a customer will reach out to us for positions other than A/V related positions. WS has succesfully sourced Brand Ambassadors, Mic Runners, Make Up Artists, Extras for Films, Dock Supervisors, Body Doubles, and Even Stunt men/women.

Gear Rental Services and Transport Center

HeadA top-quality production needs the best gear operated by professional crews. WS is now your one-stop shop for both.