Opportunities Working with WS

WS has a database of over ten thousand active audio-video technicians spanning across the United States. There are always new opportunities becoming available. Get started by filling out an application and one of our HR will reach out to you to arrange an interview.

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Crew Pics from Past Events

Austin, TX

Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Scottsdale, AZ

Columbus, OH

Fort Worth, TX

Nashville, TN

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New Jersey

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In House Opportunites with WS

Working in house with WS presents itself as a unique opportunity to grow with the company. Instead of being a cog in an already established machine, help us grow and expand with your insights and ideas. WS has a number of positions for which we are currently hiring including:

Crew Coordinator

Crew Coordinators are the core of the WS Team and spend much of their time networking and staffing shows for WS clients.

These positions require extensive training and knowledge of A/V Production.

Assistants / Clerical

Like any company, WS has a number of openings for crew coordinator assistants and data entry positions.

These positions range from starting position to individuals skilled in specific applications (ie. Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, etc...)

Full Stack Developers

If Coding is your passion, WS is expanding it's software team and is presently hiring seasoned full stack developers.

Warehouse Staff

WS is expanding it's warehouse operations and is seeking an experienced warehouse manager to oversee it's DFW location in Texas.